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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a broad term that generally defines the treatment of substance dependency. Typically, rehabilitation is a form of intense therapy for people whose lives have been disrupted by substance use. Our programs address the root cause of problematic substance use implementing individualized, substance-free principles.

What is the average length of stay at Pacifica?

Our programs are dynamically constructed to meet individual needs, and length of stay varies depending on the selected funding model (publicly- or privately-funded). Typically, length of stay is anywhere from 35 to 84+ days. However, the length of stay may be extended per conversation between the individual and Pacifica’s interdisciplinary team.

Do you treat co-occurring dependencies?

Yes. In many cases, there are multiple types of substance dependency taking place when an individual seeks treatment. The professional staff at Pacifica have expertise in the treatment of co-occurring substance dependence, and will co-create a framework to enhance each community member’s ability to achieve their recovery goals.

What happens when I complete treatment at Pacifica?

Primary treatment is just the beginning. At Pacifica, the goal is to establish a foundation upon which each community member can build a happy and successful life based on their goals for recovery, conducive to a high quality of life and well-being. Each community member will receive a continuing care plan geared towards their individual needs and goals. Pacifica will work to ensure that every community member has the tools, resources and support in place to own their path.

How long is the program?

Our treatment philosophy is based on individual needs. A treatment plan for each individual is created for a 24-month period that includes Pre-Engagement, Orientation, in-residence Primary Treatment, Integrative Wellness, Resiliency & Trauma, Continuing Care, and Alumni Services. The average stay for primary treatment is 35 to 84+ days. At Pacifica, we encourage each community member to focus on quality of treatment over duration of treatment. A full experience for community members is essential to achieving their recovery goals.

What if I have mental health concerns?

We treat each community member on an individual basis. It is not uncommon for people experiencing problematic substance dependency to also present with mental health and/or trauma concerns. These concerns will be addressed in conjunction with substance dependency, based on your length of stay in primary treatment. The Continuing Care program will include the continuation of mental health and/or trauma-focused therapy.

What is a typical day like in your program?

During a typical day at Pacifica, community members participate in a number of structured activities, including morning meditation, mindfulness practices, specialty groups, individual and peer assessments, group therapy, assignments, individual counselling, walks and runs, fitness classes, yoga, movie and games nights, peer-based support meetings, weekend outings, and Pacifica’s Alumni Night Thursday meeting.

Is there a waitlist for treatment?

Individuals applying for publicly funded access can anticipate a waitlist from between 8-12 weeks. The waitlist is maintained through the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority through the Central Addiction Intake Team (CAIT), in collaboration with the Pacifica Team. CAIT can be reached at 604-675-2455 . Press Option 1 for Adult CAIT, and Option 2 for Adrienne. Alternatively, Adrienne may be reached directly or via text at 778-870-9579 . Individuals applying for privately funded access should contact the Pacifica Intake Coordinator at 604-809-3455. At Pacifica, we understand the urgency people feel when they are seeking access to treatment. As a result, we have implemented a pre-engagement program to provide support and resources to ensure that you are comfortable and prepared to begin your journey to owning your path to achieve your recovery goals.

What is the cost?

Because our program is based on individual needs and your particular life situation, the final cost for treatment is different for everyone. Please contact the following resources for details: For individuals seeking publicly-funded access: CAIT at 604-675-2455 . Press Option 1 for Adult CAIT, and Option 2 for Adrienne. Alternatively, Adrienne may be reached directly or via text at 778-870-9579. For those seeking privately-funded access: Pacifica Intake Coordinator at 604-809-3455

Can you help me enrol someone in treatment who is unmotivated?

Although no one can force a family member or friend into treatment, there are highly-skilled individuals available to help you through the process of an intervention. Please contact our Program Coordinator at 1-604-872-5517, Ext. 228 for a referral to a professional in your area. Pacifica will collaborate with counselors and interventionists to facilitate a supportive and seamless transition into treatment when the individual is ready and motivated.

I am not sure that I need treatment. Is it normal to feel ambivalent?

Yes. It’s very common to have some doubts about making changes in your life. We encourage you to embrace your doubts, speak with our team about them, and move through our treatment program with intention. Most people find that once they have made changes to improve health and happiness, a lot of the doubt and ambivalence goes away. If the environment or timing is not right, we will connect you with other resources and facilitate a safe transition.

What can I expect once I leave in-residence treatment?

Following completion of the in-residence Primary Treatment program all individuals will receive a personalized continuing care plan. Our Continuing Care program includes (but is not limited to) group therapy sessions, referral to Pacifica alumni services and events, access to our APP and daily inspirational messages, event notifications, as well as access to our newsletter and social media posts.

What is Pacifica Alumni?

You are not forgotten once you leave the Pacifica Treatment Centre. Community members who complete the in-residence Primary Treatment program become Pacifica Alumni, and are afforded a myriad of opportunities to continue to grow, connect, and serve. Specific alumni opportunities include mentoring peers, volunteering, weekly on-site meetings, and several celebrations and activities throughout the year.

What if I have dietary concerns?

Good nutrition is an essential part of recovery. Every effort is made by our team of experienced and talented chefs to provide well-balanced, nutritional, and delicious meals. Special dietary needs are easily accommodated as part of your individualized nutrition care plan.

Where are you located?

We are located in the lower mainland, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Do I need a doctor referral to come to treatment?

Pacifica accepts referrals from addiction counsellors, primary care/addiction/mental health specialist physicians, nurse practitioners, and self-referrals. If self-referred, we will request that you provide access to your health care practitioners, who will be required to complete medical record documentation, including listing prescriptions and applicable diagnosis.

How do I get started?

If you’re reading these Frequently Asked Questions, you are already well on your way! Please take a look at our Programs & Services and Admissions sections for further details. For questions, please call us at 604-809-3455 or toll-free at 1-866-446-0668. If you are unable to reach someone immediately, leave a message and our staff will follow up with you within 72 hours.

How is my privacy protected?

We understand the stigma attached to seeking help for substance dependency. Our facility is not open to the general public. Our highly professional staff and volunteers are bound by confidentiality agreements and are only able to communicate with your permission to those individuals for whom a Release of Information form has been completed. Rest assured, your privacy is vital to your treatment experience and is protected by us.

Am I allowed visitors and/or use of my phone?

We require fourteen (14) days with no outside contact (unless pre-arranged prior to your admission or under extenuating circumstances) in order to assist community members to stabilize and orient in their recovery process. Thereafter, community members may use the available telephone at scheduled times. Due to COVID-19, there are no visitors. However, as COVID restrictions change, staff will notify community members of relevant changes and parameters.