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Pacifica Alumni Working together to Own Your Path

Belong to a community that fosters continued learning, growth and service. Discover more about your self-identity, your potential, and your resiliency by co-creating and maintaining connections with others on a similar path.


Experience all that an enhanced quality of life and well-being has to offer on your journey to owning your path.

10 Ways to Give Back

If you are seeking to continue your journey of self-discovery,
be of service, carry the message, express gratitude, or
contribute to the Pacifica community, here are 10 ideas for

  • Attend Alumni meetings
  • Become and Alumni Peer Mentor
  • Join our Alumni Advisory Council
  • Become a volunteer
  • Attend Alumni events and activities
  • Send a gratitude letter
  • Refer a family member, friend, or workplace colleague
  • Write a testimonial about your personal experience
  • Make a financial contribution to Pacifica – a personal investment in others
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“You have to trust that full recovery is possible for you. With the right mindset, you can overcome the worst of addiction”


“Pacifica helped save my life. My advice would be to take it all in, even the things you don’t’ want to do. Life is so much better sober. It’s definitely not easy, but if you do the work I promise it will all be worth it. Almost 5 years later I am happy to say that I am living my best life. Thanks Pacifica!”


“Pacifica allowed me the space to look at self, to go inside and recognize the bravery I had to find another way to be in the world. Pacifica was challenging and rewarding and I appreciate the many lessons and workshops they provided. I have over 3 years again today and I returned to work as a full-time addiction counsellor. It always amazes me how one singular life changed, branches out like a drop in the pond and help many others lives change in the same way”



Sian Chapman

“I had hidden for so long behind Alcohol, I didn’t know where to start looking for help. Coming to Pacifica gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to help me live a sober and healthy life”

Teresa Meilleur

“Pacifica felt like I was going back to school, but it was to learn (and unlearn) everything I thought I knew about my life”


“A wonderful place, you can really learn a lot about yourself. Very helpful and don’t be afraid to show emotions in process group in front of women”

Jorden Mandzuk-Power

“I came into Pacifica a lost and broken man. When I left I found love for recovery, zest for life, and the willingness to get up every day and try again”

Calvin Skoro

“A place that celebrates the discovery of self and challenges us to look at life through the eyes of compassion and understanding”

Russ H.

“Pacifica Treatment Centre has been invaluable to my recovery from substances. My time there was an opportunity for me to pause my life and learn about addiction through structured programming, dig deep in my history with my counsellor and learn new healthy ways to live, which I could integrate in to my future. I’m grateful for Pacifica Treatment Centre and the recovery they have helped me to achieve”

Nicholas M.

“Pacifica gave me the support, time and tools I needed to change my direction in life. Recovery has been a gift to both me and my family and it all began when I walked through the front door.”

Gaye R.

‘Pacifica is like an endless buffet of spirituality, It feeds the soul”

Brian B.

“A place of healing and safety, a place that saves lives”

Kristin Gardiner

“Pacifica gave me my life back! I learned to love who I am and how to move forward with grace and integrity”

Deana Fairclough

“Walking through the doors and committing to the program that Pacifica and the staff helped me understand has kept me sober since Nov 4, 2016. Perhaps more importantly I learned to value myself and understand the choices necessary to having the incredibly fulfilling life I have today.”

Kelly Koebel

“My experience at Pacifica was amazing – from the staff to the clients to the counsellors. When I was a client at Pacifica there was a magical energy and a very strong connection between myself and others. I was reintroduced to some coping skills that are therapeutic to someone who suffers from mental health issues and addictions at the same time like I do. There’s usually plenty to eat and the kitchen staff are second to none. The process group was a safe place to reveal the darkest of secrets and the most toxic of shame. My counsellor was super zeroed in on everything that myself and the other process group members said or did. She is amazing. The CCW are the gatekeepers as I like to call them. They are compassionate and empathetic professionals. Also, the management was very hands-on and open to discussion about things. But I truly believe that it was the bonds that I created with some peers at Pacifica that brought me to what I consider to be the strongest recovery I’ve had in many years. If you’re like me and you need help, you should go to Pacifica and immerse yourself into their amazing program. I should have years ago.”


“I think resilience group is a great way to bridge the gap between treatment and the outside world. Connection for me is the ONLY way I stay clean and in recovery. For me, being a social type…the more I can get out and be involved with my Pacifica peeps the better. I lucked out and got the most amazing group of people I know to grow and learn with and from. I also received (finally) answers as to why I am the way I am. Finding what needs went unmet made me understand fully my addiction and I was then able to work on moving forward.”


“I’ve been through recovery houses, transitional housing and multiple attempts on my own. I truly believe that the program at Pacifica impacted my life the most.”


“I believe having connections with those who have had a similar experience is EXACTLY what I need. It’s hard to find people, especially in recovery that have done as much work that I did at Pacifica”


“I like to think my recovery is a buffet, I have a solid appetite (hahah) and want my plate full at all times. Whether that be A.A, N.A, S.M.A.R.T, Trauma and Resilience, Alumni or Panels… everything helps in staying connected and clean.”


“Hi my name is Adam Crawford and I’m an addict. My addiction Started it when I was, young being born into a family of addicts, I myself got into addiction, thinking this was normal at the age of 15 and continued to use drugs and alcohol till I was 36 at this time it’s was at a very dark place I wanted my life to end I was tired of being in pain and hurting myself and loved ones, I hit my “rock bottom”. When I came to Pacifica for help I tried Narcotic and alcoholics anonymous but that did not work for me at that time because of my denial and deep rooted problems of why I was doing this to my life. I started the Pacifica treatment Center program August 2012 till November 2012, in those 3 months I learned about why and what was driving me to use and tools to deal with any past, present and future “life” issues. Pacifica not only helped me save my life, but to be able to have a life I only dreamed of and it’s now better than I have ever thought it could be. Today I’m a great father, husband, friend and worker, I give back to society I’m now a Contributing member of society all around. Thank you Pacifica for all you helped me Achieve. I am still clean and very serene today. I live with love and gratitude. Thank you.”

Adam Crawford

“I am almost 11 months sober and that has been possible with the help of Pacifica. I came to Pacifica in October 2019, when I was completely broken and powerless over addiction. My addiction had lasted almost 25 years old but from the last 17 years, it was a continuous process. I never realized I was addicted but I knew from my changing behaviour and my increased consumption of drinks that something was wrong with me. I changed from one drug to another and turned out to be addicted to the new one, until 2018 when I completely lost control of myself and alcohol took complete control over me and I was on the streets. My self-esteem was completely gone, I felt like a zombie, I lost my friends, family, jobs and whoever knew me lost hope in me. I was so lost that I don’t even remember the year 2018. Going to hospitals was my routine. I tried a million times to stop it but always failed and ended up relapsing with stronger drugs. It is not like I never hit the rock bottom but in July 2019 something terrible happened and that is when I decided I can’t do it by myself. I called Fraser mental health and they helped me to get into Pacifica. In my head, I was not sure that I could ever quit. I went there because I wanted to hide from the world. I was in so much shame that I didn’t want to face anyone. I chose to go to the 12 weeks residence treatment because I knew that if I took the day program I would relapse again and I wanted to change the environment I was living in.”


“When I went to Pacifica I was very scared and didn’t want to face anyone, but the staff and other clients welcomed me. They helped me understand that this is a disease and I can recover from this. I was assigned an independent room which is what I wanted. During the first few weeks, I didn’t understand how these teachings and counsellor sessions would help me but after 2-3 weeks everything started making sense. I started opening up with others. I started listening to others stories and I felt less alone. At Pacifica, I never felt like I was being judged. I noticed everyone was going through the same pain as I was, and with the help of their shares, it makes my recovery very easy. All these years, I was always afraid to reach out for help because I was scared of being exposed, I was scared that if I tell someone they will think about me differently. Every single day at Pacifica was new learning, a new way of seeing myself. I’ve gotten a lot of help from my counsellor. He made me understand where the problem was in my life and why I couldn’t break the cycle of my addiction.”


“I’ve got a lot of tools and a very strong support group from Pacifica and now it’s helping me to stay sober. I would highly recommend the Pacifica treatment center to those who are stuck in their lives because of addiction and are willing to change it. Go and get help, it is a disease and the cure is possible. All you have to do is take one step and have the willingness to stop it. Today I am a sober person without any thoughts of drinking. I have got myself back with the help of Pacifica. Thank you Pacifica for all the support. – NIV”


“Why do “in residence “treatment? Simply said, although it may seem, at first, like a removal from the outside world… you are never alone… and if you are honest to yourself, and brave enough, you can admit that removing yourself from outer influences is exactly what you need. Time away from your obligations to completely focus on yourself, and your pain, and learn about your addiction. And then, walk away with a doable plan. A plan for success… As far as the love and support you will receive from being with your fellow addicts, you may find that you have never felt so safe to reveal your pain, to say the words out loud,, and know that these people truly understand where you are coming from, how you got there,, and most importantly you will never be judged. Just accepted for who you are, with all your flaws. I knew that the friendships I made would be a huge part in my success. I just never realized how much.. to be able to walk away, back into your life with a complete support system in place,, absolutely invaluable… to spend quality time with my peers and to have enough “clean “time to begin to realize how good sobriety can be. I am over 2 years sober now and have experienced sobriety, sober is one thing. It means you are not using. But sobriety, it is a new beginning. The life you deserve. Challenges you will be expecting, it is just part of the journey. Overcoming them is your reward. Looking back to my Pacifica experience, well, my sober friends and I declare, Pacifica saved our lives. Simple as that. Do it.”