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Why Pacifica?

Established in 1977 Rehab centre Pacifica, staff, volunteers, and community members co-create the conditions required to promote self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-actualization for community members to make profound changes and own their path in an environment that feels like home.

Rehab Centre in Vancouver

Nestled in a quiet community neighbourhood, our welcoming California-style facility and serene inner courtyard help you and your loved ones feel at ease while beginning this important leg of the journey.

Our unique approach to treatment, and a blend of congregate spaces and individual rooms, makes this a place where one can find community — a safe place to connect with social events, familiar faces, and the opportunity for healing. Pacifica plays a supportive and encouraging role in treatment, fostering a collaborative environment where both community members and our interdisciplinary team are active participants in the Pacifica ecosystem.

This journey requires bravery and resolve – we are here to guide you along the way.

Reasons to Choose Pacifica

People come to Rehab Centre as a safe place to a heal. We focus on building relationships, enhancing individual and community capacity, and offering meaningful and sustainable solutions to meet a community members’ recovery goals.

Our Team
Our Volunteers
Our Programs
Our Facilities

Highly Skilled & Professional Staff

Our passionate, highly skilled, and experienced staff use an interdisciplinary and cross-functional team approach to meet the community members’ needs. Our individual-centered practices ensure that your experience is personalized, compassionate, and impactful.

At Pacifica Rehab Centre, we are committed to ongoing learning and development and continuous quality improvement initiatives to guarantee that our team and approach are evidence-informed best practices.

Our staff and volunteers uphold the agency’s policies and procedures, code of ethics, and practice standards.

We stay informed, so community members can own their path to enhanced quality of life and well-being.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

If you are looking to become a volunteer, consider an opportunity in the Pacifica Rehab Centre. By volunteering your time, energy, and expertise, you will make a difference in the lives of people who are taking their first steps to owning their path – to heal… to discover… to hope… to find meaningful purpose, achieving enhanced quality of life and well-being, while fostering sustainable solutions.

Ways to get involved include: Peer/Alumni Support, Administrative Support, Writing and Research, Fundraising, Event Support, Gardening, Food Services Financial Literacy, Accompanying walks/outings Yoga/Reiki/Energy Healing and others.

Our Integrative Wellness Coordinator will be pleased to discuss available volunteering opportunities with you. Send an email expressing your interest to megan.macpherson@pacificatreatment.ca

At Pacifica, we offer a continuum of care and support for individuals experiencing challenges associated with problematic substance use, and concurrently, mental health and/or trauma. As a provincially recognized in-residence treatment centre since 1977, our primary goal is to meet each individual where they are at, helping them to find their path to self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-actualization.

Our innovative programs and services bridge the transitional periods when people feel most vulnerable, specifically during pre-admission, primary treatment, and the return to community experiences. Programs and services are offered in-person or virtually in order to enhance access. The continuum is designed to provide two-year touchpoints that assist individuals to transform and rebuild their lives by offering the following:

Pre-Engagement Program;In-residence Primary Treatment Program;Integrative Wellness Program;Resiliency & Trauma Program;Continuing Care Program; and, Alumni Services.

Rehab centre Pacifica is committed to providing innovative and best-in-class programs and services, which lead to enhanced quality of life and well-being, and sustainable self-directed recovery-based solutions.

The Pacifica Rehab Centre is purpose-built and was constructed between 1990 and 1993. Nestled in a Vancouver lower mainland neighbourhood, our home-like facility offers a blend of private rooms, congregate spaces, and tranquil gardens, facilitating privacy and opportunities for reflection while cultivating a therapeutic and engaged community with an enhanced sense of belonging.

Our location is convenient to downtown Vancouver and just one block from a major Skytrain hub. The architecture is California style in design with a large inner meditation courtyard and plenty of skylights and large windows allowing for natural sunlight and connection to nature.

Pacifica embraces equity, diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and belonging and therefore our centre follows an inclusive program philosophy, inclusive of all genders, orientations, cultures, ethnicities, races, and abilities.

Our Process

We’ve co-created a two-year + experience that includes Pre-Engagement, Orientation, Primary Treatment, Resiliency & Trauma, Integrative Wellness, Continuing Care programming, and Alumni Services. Whether privately or publicly funded, once a community member has their first touchpoint with Pacifica, we’re here to provide support. Thinking of treatment but not quite ready yet? You are still welcome — through pre-engagement you can come in for a meal and to get your questions answered so you know what to expect from your experience at the Pacifica Treatment Centre.

  • The journey starts with an introduction to recovery — pre-engagement. We want to help you get in the door and maneuver through the building, creating a smooth transition from our waitlist (our waitlist can be 8-12 weeks) to treatment. Connect with a program coordinator, meet our reception team, tour the facility — before starting treatment.
  • When you walk down the stairs for the first day of treatment and see our welcoming team at the front door, you are already a community member. Treatment involves individual assignments, group work, counselling sessions, recreational time, and much more.
  • Treatment doesn’t stop after transitioning out of the primary treatment program. The community we build together at Pacifica is our continuing care, from virtual group programming and one-to-one counselling to alumni services. Creating a community of care enhances everybody’s sense of belonging, quality of life and well-being.

“Seeing the newcomers reminded me where I was and gave me hope for the future. ”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a broad term that generally defines the treatment of substance dependency. Typically, rehabilitation is a form of intense therapy for people whose lives have been disrupted by substance use. Our programs address the root cause of problematic substance use implementing individualized, substance-free principles.

What is the average length of stay at Pacifica?

Our programs are dynamically constructed to meet individual needs, and length of stay varies depending on the selected funding model (publicly- or privately-funded). Typically, length of stay is anywhere from 35-84+ days. However, the length of stay may be extended per conversation between the individual and Pacifica’s interdisciplinary team

Do you treat co-occurring dependencies?

Yes. In many cases, there are multiple types of substance dependency taking place when an individual seeks treatment. The professional staff at Pacifica have expertise in the treatment of co-occurring substance dependence, and will co-create a framework to enhance each community member’s ability to achieve their recovery goals.

We Support Inclusion

Interested in finding your path to Pacifica?

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