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Admission - Rehabilitation assistant programs

Thinking about coming to Pacifica? Our admission process is simple. Here’s what you need to know.

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What We Offer

Please note:
At Pacifica we offer publically and privately funded stays. As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we provide affordable in-residence treatment and community-based recovery services for individuals struggling with problematic substance use.

  • A continuum of care and support that spans 18-24 months
  • An 84-day in-residence primary treatment service (publically funded)
  • A variety of stay options from 35- days to 84 days (privately funded)
  • A home-like therapeutic community based on co-creation, shared- accountability and safety.
  • A combination of single occupancy rooms and congregate spaces
  • 3 daily chef-prepared meals and 3 daily snacks.
  • A balanced approach including social engagement, exercise, mindfulness practices, psycho- education, one-on-one and group therapy, and peer-based support.

Coming to Pacifica

Please contact Pacifica’s Intake Coordinator at 604-809-3455 to inquire into wait-times and pricing.

What to expect:

  • Private, single-occupancy rooms
  • Shared living spaces
  • 3 daily chef-prepared meals & 3 daily snacks
  • Vancouver Community Centre fitness pass — for the duration of a member’s stay at Pacifica and for 9 months following graduation
  • Pacifica Medallion upon completion of the primary treatment program
  • Access to enhanced programs and services – two-year touchpoints and beyond

What to bring:

icon courved
  • Bathrobe, towel, alarm clock, and toiletries (any mouthwash must be alcohol-free)
  • A week’s worth of comfortable, casual, and weather-appropriate clothing
  • Comfortable and conservative active wear
  • Reading material, a notebook with pens and/or pencils. Community members may bring a screen-less music player for personal use
  • Sealed cigarette packs or vape products, if necessary
  • Clear reusable water bottle
  • A printed copy of all relevant phone numbers

What not to bring:

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  • T-shirts with slogans that promote alcohol, drugs, and/or violence
  • Electronics, mobile devices, laptops, TVs, stereos, computers, cameras, DVD or MP3 players with screens
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Bleach or hair dye
  • Perfume, cologne or fragrant hair sprays – we are a scent-free environment
  • Outside food (special dietary foods are allowed if approved prior to admission or through a consultation with the nutritionist)
  • Laundry detergent, which can be purchased on-site
  • Personal transportation vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, bikes, scooters, etc.

Who We Support


It takes courage to acknowledge that you need help. Our compassionate and understanding intake coordinator will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have in a confidential manner.

Don’t hesitate to reach out: 604-809-3455 or 1-866-446-0668

Our first priority is conducting a thorough individual assessment to understand your unique needs and life circumstances, which inform how we co-create an effective pathway forward. Our program and services are built with individuality in mind, helping you find your path to enhanced quality of life and well-being, fostering sustainable recovery.

Looking for help? Contact us any time.

individual programs

Family Members, Friends and Colleagues

It takes courage to acknowledge that your loved ones need help. Addiction takes a toll on the entire family system and can have significant consequences on each individual’s health and well-being. We invite you to recognize your own need for support as you seek help for your loved one.

We seek to repair emotions and relationships alongside healthy mind, body and spirit connections. The Pacifica recovery process incorporates counselling sessions, group therapy, education, mindfulness, and reflections as an opportunity for families to mend together and return to a healthy state.

Looking for help? Contact us any time for more information.


Alcohol and drug use among employees and their family members can be both expensive (due to lost productivity, absenteeism, injury or worse, and low employee morale) and lead to an increase in health care, legal liabilities, and workers’ compensation costs.

Pacifica’s treatment programs and supportive recovery services feature a wide variety of integrated and targeted methods to address the addiction and mental health challenges impacting your employees who struggle with addiction. We partner with you to learn about your organization and what you value in terms of results, integration, care and support. This partnership is built on trust — we provide treatment updates, workplace education and a comprehensive “return to work” plan to co-create an effective pathway to employee safety and well-being.

Looking for help? Contact us today.


As a frontline healthcare provider, your mission is to provide the best referral and level of care possible for your client/patient. Our mission is no different. At Pacifica, we offer care for individuals experiencing challenges associated with problematic substance dependency, or concurrently, mental health and/or trauma. As a provincially recognized in-residence treatment centre, our primary goal is to meet each individual with compassion, helping them to find their own path to enhanced quality of life and well-being.

We understand that treatment centres establish foundations and are by no means a final destination. Through collaboration and partnership in this journey, we both form a circle of care to rehabilitate and lay the foundation for sustainable long-term recovery.

Looking for help? Contact us today.

Insurance Professionals

As insurance professionals, your clients’ success is contingent on their plan members being healthy and productive. At Pacifica, we ensure that you provide your plan members with a continuum of care that enhances both health and productivity.

As our partners, we’ll take care of you, your plan members, and their businesses through evidence-informed education, behavioural change, workplace development and workplace wellness. The Pacifica recovery process incorporates counselling sessions, group therapy, education, mindfulness, and reflections as an opportunity for families to mend together and return to a healthy state.

Looking for help? Contact us today.

individual programs

Individuals Entering Program:

  • Shall be a minimum of 19 years of age. Note that Pregnant women will have a priority admission;
  • Shall enter programming voluntarily with a commitment to self-discovery and seeking sustainable solutions to meet their recovery-based goals;
  • Shall be medically stable;
  • Shall be comfortable and respectful in a gender inclusive and 2SLGBTQQI+ community;
  • Shall be able to understand and verbally communicate in English (for safety);
  • Shall conduct all medical, dental, legal, or other appointments prior to admission to Pacifica Treatment Centre;


Please note:
Pacifica is committed to reducing systemic barriers and ensuring equitable access to our programs and services. Through our admissions process, you will be assessed to ensure that you meet our Rehabilitation assistant program criteria. If as a result of the assessment, there is an indication that you require further withdrawal management, and your care needs can be safely managed within our environment, you may be admitted into the in-residence program. If however, it is assessed that your care needs exceed our capacity to serve you safely, we will refer you to a partner withdrawal management service, with a facilitated return to Pacifica for admission to the Rehabilitation assistant program.

Cost & Applying

There are two funding options available for individuals to consider when selecting Pacifica Treatment Centre. We are committed to ensuring equitable access to to our innovative programs and services.

Publicly Funded

Pacifica offers in-residence primary treatment to residents of British Columbia, age 19+.

Our publicly-funded program is 84 days in duration, and is funded primarily through the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Government or ministry funded community members may be partially or fully funded, up to $45 per day, for per diem expenses. The overall cost of primary treatment is subsidized through the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individual supporters.

Our programs are trauma-informed, and concurrent-capable to better serve individuals experiencing problematic substance dependency, in conjunction with mental health and/or trauma.

If you reside in a region other than Vancouver Coastal Health or Fraser Health Authority please contact your Health Authority and/or your community supports for assistance with a referral to Pacifica.

Due to high service demand, please contact the Central Addiction Intake Team (CAIT) at Vancouver Coast Health Authority at 604-675-2455. Press Option 1 for Adult CAIT, and Option 2 for Adrienne.


Community members may be referred by:

  • Outpatient alcohol and drug counsellors (call 211 for assistance)
  • Substance use and mental health specialists (counsellors, social workers, RNs, physicians)
  • Withdrawal management counsellors
  • EAP counsellors
  • HR Departments
  • Union Services
  • Family members
  • Self-referral (private-pay only)

Privately Funded

Pacifica offers in-residence primary treatment as a fee for service to residents of Canada, age 19+. In order to best meet your needs and life circumstances, we offer a variety of stay options, from 35 to 84 days.

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we place people before profits, offering an immeasurable life-changing experience. Every dollar is reinvested into providing affordable, safe, effective, and accessible programs and services.

Due to high service demand, please contact Pacifica’s Intake Coordinator at 604-809-3455 to inquire into wait-times and pricing.

Pacifica is committed to the co-creation of innovative best-in-class programs and services to assist you in defining and owning your path forward. All Pacifica community members, whether publicly or privately funded, gain access to our enhanced programs and services at no additional cost thanks to established community partnerships and the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individual supporters committed to a social investment in the quality of life and well-being of our community.

community and safety

Community Expectations & Safety

Rehabilitation Assistant Program

Pacifica encourages community members to actively engage and help in the co-creation of a safe and therapeutic community that benefits all who walk through the door. In our Rehabilitation assistant programs, each individual brings their unique set of gifts, which influence the community energy and atmosphere. Community-informed guidelines are maintained through shared-accountability and are reinforced by our team members. The guidelines help the community remain inclusive, structured, and empowering.

Getting here

Located in Vancouver, B.C.
Close to Main / Commercial Skytrain Station
1755 East 11th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5N 1Y9

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Visitor Information

are accommodating virtual connections with children, family, and friends/supports. Please note that the visitor policy and procedures are guided by provincial and national public health agencies, and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority directives.

Please contact the Pacifica Treatment Centre directly at 604-872-5517 Ext. 222 for updated information.

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